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Which of the following is likely to impose a large excess burden? 1. A tax on land 2. A tax on the use of cellular phone 3. A subsidy for investment in high-tech companies 4. A 10 percent tax all computer software 5. A 10 percent tax only on the excel spreadsheet program. more
Last answer by sondra Crane 64 months ago +1 votes:
Romany plans on catering to the very rich and ignoring the poor. He wants to get rid of Social Security benifits for seniors and others. His plan is to make the rich richer and everyone else poor. In other words, he will destroy the economy of the USA like he did when he was Governor of his state.  He is a Tea Party Republican, not from the old school Republicans.  He wants the social se... more
Last answer by Sam Montana 66 months ago +0 votes:
As time has gone on and politicians tell us the economy is getting better, the unemployment is staying high. And the underemployed rate is terrible. I recently heard that in the US, 50% of those under 30 years old are unemployed. My biggest fear right now, is that many of the lost jobs in 2008-2009 are not coming back, at least not soon. Employers and companies are sitting on a lot of money, more ... more
These are challenging times for all of us. We are affected job-wise, money-wise, house-wise, credit-wise and health-wise as well as our nerves being jangled. All though they may be inter-related, what looms out and is affecting you the most? And if you 'changed' it, how did you do it? more